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Gluten-free Grattitude

Thanksgiving brings unusual challenges to some of us gluten-free geeks. Every year we bring back a few trays of leftovers and even more dishes of disappointment. It seems that no amount of sugar, cream, and bacon bits can make our gluten-free desserts more appealing to the non-gluten-free (NGF) crowd. Can we make a dent . . . → Read More: Gluten-free Grattitude

Celiac and bacteria: strange breadfellows

While managing celiac disease for the last three years, I repeatedly hear the same question – “Why?” Millions of stomachs are growling for answers. Sit down for a gourmet dish on an epidemic that hits close to home.


Celiac disease is the presentation of a deeper, self-destructive autoimmune condition experienced by 2 million . . . → Read More: Celiac and bacteria: strange breadfellows