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We are incredibly complex organisms, and have barely begun to understand the nature of ourselves. Scientists cannot keep up with the number of mysteries to solve, while the rest of us are pushing harder than ever for answers, cures, and innovations. Technology is driving us at breakneck speed, but it is not yet helping us live longer, healthier lives. What gives?

We must begin to use technology to help each other, combining our resources to gather and analyze health information with collective intelligence. New devices are emerging that help us record our bodies and brains, map our behaviors, and prevent disease. In “The Creative Destruction of Medicine” Dr. Eric Topol writes, “Humans digitizing humans is the ultimate life changer.” We are in the midst of a digital revolution where we can work with technology rather than on technology.

A new individualistic ideology for how medicine goes forward will not happen soon enough without the people who have the greatest stake – the individuals – to be fully participatory. There will be titanic changes ahead – medicine can and will be rebooted and reinvented one individual at a time. – Dr. Eric Topol, “The Creative Destruction of Medicine

Healthy Pixels is here to encourage participatory health, the process of driving our own journey to wellness. To be fully participatory, we must:

  • Actively work toward better health, taking steps to support our bodies, minds, and emotions
  • Lead our own cooperative, integrative team of specialists when we need medical help
  • Identify how we thrive or suffer from what we consume, how we sleep, where we work, when we exercise, and other subtle forces around us
  • Share our discoveries with the larger health community, as we have the opportunity to help others even with a simple statement or reflection
  • Keep aware of research on disease among all different systems of medicine
  • Respect how we are unique in physical and emotional challenges, including genetics and lifestyle

With these actions, we can build a strong, collective knowledge of individualized health that evolves as quickly as we do. This information can easily surpass centuries of medical research in helping us prevent disease, lengthen lives, and increase the quality of life for every person on Earth.

Enjoy the journey and participate in our healthy future!

-Shari Cheves, founder