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Gluten-free Grattitude

Thanksgiving brings unusual challenges to some of us gluten-free geeks. Every year we bring back a few trays of leftovers and even more dishes of disappointment. It seems that no amount of sugar, cream, and bacon bits can make our gluten-free desserts more appealing to the non-gluten-free (NGF) crowd. Can we make a dent . . . → Read More: Gluten-free Grattitude

Autism & ADHD part 2: Proposed prenatal prevention

The CDC reports that up to 1 in 5 children have a mental disorder. While autism is the fastest growing type, ADHD is the most common. According to studies, both autism and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder often involve similar environmental toxins, nutritional deficiencies and therapies. A child’s problems can range from stuttering to social . . . → Read More: Autism & ADHD part 2: Proposed prenatal prevention

Words of love

Love sounds like a subject far too trite for this blog, but lately my encounters with the elusive eros are worth noting. I am fascinated with how feelings of love correlate with my physical and emotional vitality. Love is always a driving force in health, and understanding how it affects the body can take us . . . → Read More: Words of love