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The many faces of histamine intolerance

I am astounded at how many of us unknowingly suffer from excess histamine. Some of us itch or sneeze while others get headaches, migraines, joint pain, or nausea – within minutes or several hours after exposure! Our “histamine bucket” fills up based on factors such as genetics, allergies, medication, diet, environment, nutritional deficiencies, intestinal damage, . . . → Read More: The many faces of histamine intolerance

The mysterious [don’t] panic attack

I am embarrassed to admit that I occasionally suffer from panic attacks – another complex, improperly-named collision of biochemical mysteries. Yesterday it was in the movie theater, where half of my attacks have occurred. The movies have not been consistent in theme, and I am not agoraphobic. The familiar feeling of terror gripped me . . . → Read More: The mysterious [don’t] panic attack